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Seasoned Firewood Available Year Round

Firewood terms:

•  Half face cord - 4' x 4' one log deep

•  Face cord - 4' x 8' one log deep

•  Full cord - 4' x 24' one log deep

Helpful firewood tips:

•  Store 3 fires worth of wood in your garage
•  Drier wood will generate more heat
•  Stack wood on skids 4 to 6 inches off the ground
•  Keep wood as dry as possible during storage


Types of Firewood:

Mixed hardwood: Includes any or all of the following maple, elm, oak, birch, ash, osage, ironwood, cherry, hickory, walnut, box elder, locust, hackberry


Premium mixed hardwood: walnut, oak, birch, cherry


Hickory: ideal for hot burns, pleasant smell


Oak: Burns at the hottest level, creates a small flame, hard to start


Birch: Easiest wood to start a fire with, creates a big flame


Cherry: Easy to start, smells the best, burns with a blue flame

Bagged Salt - 50 LB Bags

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